About me…

Hi; a few words about me, Jon Hollands. Well; I’m a wedding photographer in the UK’s wonderful Peak District.

My mission is to capture beautiful memories for you.

I’ve been a photographer for… well… for ever. The first time I picked up a camera was way back when I was still at school.  My wonderful niece was my first wedding couple ten years ago.  I’ve continued to enjoy working with a select group of fabulous clients since, telling their unique stories in pictures.

My style

I like to keep things relaxed – because you don’t want a stressy photographer in your face all day. If you’re looking for a photographer who is just… y’know, there – that’s me. Getting the shots which you’ll adore for ever after… and laugh and cry and remember.  In other words, telling your story in a relaxed, natural style.

My story

So; what is my story? I grew up in deep Northamptonshire where I became a fan of Formula 1 and of Arsenal.  It’s been an interesting season this year; for Arsenal – we came so close!!  For F1, maybe McLaren and Ferrari can beat Red Bull… I hope so!

I’ve lived in various parts of the UK; the north-west, the south-west, the West Midlands and now Derbyshire and the Peak District.  I enjoy exploring the wonderful landscapes of the Scottish highlands, the Welsh mountains and the Yorkshire Dales

Contact me and let’s talk about your plans for a great day!

Me - Jon Hollands

 My family

Above all, family is super important to me. I love my wife Clare very much; we married because we are soul mates, and we are a close partnership. I especially value her beauty and intelligence and her willingness to put up with me. My son Sam and my daughter Ellen light up my life and I adore spending time with them. I listen to their stories as they explore this wonderful world and all it has to offer. We often look through old photo albums to refresh our family memories and retell personal stories important to each of us.  For me, Clare, Sam and Ellen are my life, my everything!


My beliefs

I believe that beautiful photographs enable us to share stories – because they’re made out of precious memories.  A famous writer (George Eliot) once said: “What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel they are joined – to strengthen each other – to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.”  Treasured memories give shape to our lives and colour our personality.

Creating photographic memories of your love for each other completes me… That’s what makes me tick. It would be such an honour to be trusted by you.

To tell your story in fabulous photographs.  To remember the day.

Jon x


/ BEAUTIFUL memories | You WILL CHERISH always \